What are our monthly Journeys, and how can you best use them?

Each month, we choose a theme to dive into and guide you through a holistic adventure designed to spark specific changes and evolve you in your strength, tension release, overall health and fitness, mental space, daily energy – and your epic life off the mat!
As teachers, and busy people, we know it’s nice to plan your movement schedule .
  • Your next Journey will be released on the 1:st of every month. But don’t forget. There are a lot of journeys to choose from if something else sparks your fire – go for it!
  • Every Journey includes a full spectrum of yoga classes, Yoga Shred® workouts, meditations, motivations, and more, so you get a total transformation from beginning to end.

Here are some ways you could get the most out of the month:

  • Do the Journey sessions in order, taking a day off anytime you feel you’ve done a lot. Recovery days are just as important!
  • Pick any class/intensity level that appeals to you on any given day. Doing them out of order is fine, too.
  • Do some Journey classes within your other exercise forms! Lots of Members are also runners, or cyclists, etc.
  • If you run out of Journey classes, either repeat your favorites to deepen strength & flexibility (important), or use the search tab or look through other Journeys for a class that appeals to you – they’re all amazing.
  • A new Journey will appear on the first of the next month, so challenge yourself to get as much done as you can!
  • You can start any Journey anytime you want–they are not limited to the month I created them. They work just as well now as then.
We are always down for requests and inspiration for future classes–so make sure to comment on the forum if you have ideas.
Enjoy these adventures with us – we sure love making them for you!
❤️ Sadie, Alyson, Anya, Karin & Judy