Instructor Speciality:

  • Metal Yoga & Fitness
  • CSV Yoga

Stephanie is someone that knows what it’s like for life to throw you to the wolves and spit you back out.

Her mother passed when she was barely old enough to have her first drink, a chaotic family, and numerous health issues.She lost 50 lbs at the height of 2020 despite being diagnosed with a b12 genetic mutation, two types of anemia, and hypoglycemia. Not to mention, all of that happened before she reached the age of 30.

She’s had extensive training in yoga, personal training, nutrition and how our past is intimately tied into how we live right now; both in fitness and life. Stephanie wants to see you achieve your desires for a healthier and more vibrant life. She knows you can, but that sometimes we just need a helping nudge from someone who knows how to make shit happen. On average, 90% of clients lose 5lbs the first month.

Here at the club she offers a verity of cool classes with rockin’ music to keep you inspired!