Instructor Specialty:

  • CSV Yoga® & Yoga Shred®
  • Self-Myofascial Release for Body & Core
  • Gut-Brain-Vagus Nerve Connection
  • Somatic Movement Methods

An ex-dancer, creative dynamo, and Master Teacher Trainer in Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga and Yoga Shred, Alyson brings you flowing, deep classes where you express from the core. She guides you to work holistically with Somatic Practices and Self-Myofascial Release to gain more power, precision, and grace.

A creative vinyasa shaman with a penchant for transformative, sweaty sequences that deconstruct and reconstruct habitual patterns to serve your physical and spiritual evolution. Finely tune proprioception with a mix of somatic tools, and self-myofascial release because everybody “kneads” a daily rock n rollout.

Here at the Club, Alyson shares tried and true practices with you. Power Flow and Yoga Shred classes focus on fluid, strong transitions, and dynamic strength and flexibility techniques. Rock N Roll Your Body myofascial self-massage classes build you up by unraveling tight/weak tissues, unwinding tension, immune system boosting, nervous system down-regulation, and gut healing from the inside out.

Creator of Yoga Somatics, Certified Yoga Tune Up® and Self-Myofascial Release Teacher, Master trainer in CSV Yoga® and Yoga Shred®, Alyson weaves her knowledge and expertise from various disciplines into Yoga Alliance continuing education specialized trainings and courses.