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My creative and invigorating Yoga Teacher Trainings and Yoga, Fitness and Personal Development Courses were created to either skill-boost you as a yoga/fitness teacher or transform you personally. They contain exclusive video and written content, presented in a longer format than an individual class like the ones you’ll find on the Fit & Fierce Club.
I designed each course to focus you in on reaching a specific goal, like getting more fit than you ever have, gaining whole-body core strength with yoga, or optimizing your life in meaningful ways.

You will have forever access to these trainings and courses even if you’re not a FFC Member in the future, and you can do them at your own pace. They are here to help you evolve as a student, or become more effective and successful in your job as a teacher.


Separate from the live classes we offer weekly at the Fit & Fierce Club, these live workshops and immersions are similar to courses or teacher trainings, but they take place live via Zoom, generally over a weekend or longer stretch of time. They are designed to be a deeper dive into a particular area of focus or study, where you will have opportunities to connect directly with your instructors and other students, have your burning questions answered, and for teachers, to gain tons of additional continuing education credits.

Once the live events are over, they are archived on the site so that you have forever access to the content.

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For being a member of my Fit & Fierce Club, I offer you 25% off all my online Teacher Trainings and Yoga, Fitness and Personal Development Courses, as well as live immersions and workshops.

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NOTE: All courses and trainings are hosted on my website, not on the Fit & Fierce Club, so you will have to create a new account there (only on your first purchase) in order to log into and access the courses or trainings you buy on that site.